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Inspection processes redefined
How spatial robotics improves inspection and increases efficiency
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Digital Twin for scenario planning
Unlimited streaming of all your 3d data in the browser
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Geospatial Order System

The customer friendly one-stop-shop portal for your geodata

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Curiosity drives innovation
How passion connects our team and creates new job openings
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Making Data insightful

We automate your processes by infusing innovation with location-data under the hood, so you can focus on the important issues. Address what matters by making your data and systems work for you.

Harald Gortz

“Do not dig on the site of the old ditch”

A statement that excited the current resident when he heard it. A search in the archives and in the history of the village followed. It turns out that quite a few WWII events took place there. It is a kind of village secret, but the current resident is researching in the archives and in the village for the history of the execution of a couple, a wrong couple.

Tieme de Jonge

Make Geospatial Matter 2021: a recap

The government enforces the use of location data with its digital transformation agenda: digitizing (work) processes is not a luxury or frivolity, it is a dire necessity.

Data usefully insightful
how data is, will become, and stays relevant to you
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We are translators, and location is our domain

We are curious and courageous in everything we do. Through dexterity and craftmanship, we connect space, time, and scale. We embrace change and dare to venture towards an ecosystem of innovation and co-creation that bridges the gap between the real world and the digital world.