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Actionable information

Make data-driven decisions


Gain deep insights by connecting multi-source data into information sets. Get all the help you need for evidence-based decision making with interactive, cloud-based dashboards that fuse location-data with business analytics and statistics. 

Evidence-based planning
Send your crew into the field only when required. Monitor your field assets remotely through simplified interactive dashboards. Save time, money and resources, just like waterboard Drenthe Overijsselse Delta in the Netherlands
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Multi-Source Data

Integrate data from multiple sources and formats to create a unified view


Visualise data in 2D and 3D interactive dashboards


View and use dashboards from the cloud via mobile or desktop


Gain insights through custom reports to make smart decisions


The solution from IMAGEM enables us to monitor incidents and speed of subsidence in aging infrastructure

Citizen participation

Governments often face challenges in receiving timely, accurate, and streamlined information on problems experienced by their citizens. Why not share responsibility with the most valuable resources on the field – citizens? Crowdsourcing facilitates better governance. Go beyond simply responding to citizen reports, by leverage gathered data for deeper analysis and. Turn citizen data into valuable insights and actionable information. Learn how >>

Deformation measurement

There is an acute need to monitor changes in the earth’s surface. Deformation in infrastructure is often caused by subsidence, but also by aging and overuse. Constant monitoring with satellite imagery and sensor data provides new and accurate data and actionable information for monitoring changes in paved surfaces. Our smart solutions fuse location data with a constant stream of multi-source data to ensure safety and avoid mishaps. Success story with a Dutch ministry coming soon >>

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