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Organise your geo registrations


Each year, an average of 15% of the territory of any municipality, water board or province changes in the Netherlands, but manually detecting changes is time-consuming and expensive. Maintaining key and core registrations up-to-date, reliable is necessary in order to make smart decisions. Carry out this management easily and efficiently with smart data automation in a localised interface. Visualise changes clearly for analysis in just a few clicks.


Minimise errors with model based assessment


Deploy your employees only where necessary


Outsourcing is not necessary with this simple solution


Easily customise the models to meet your local needs


Full automation saves up to 90% time in change detection

Manage large areas quickly

Large areas often have to be checked, which is very time consuming. Automate change detection and significantly reduce manual effort. Perfom the process yourself, using the employee’s local area knowledge and avoid outsourcing.

Eliminate manual errors

Our automated detection solution is based on many years of experience and uses Hexagon technology. Through customisable spatial models integrated in a clear user interface, the search process is fully automated and an inspector can specifically assess the changes found. Automation not only reduces effort, but also minimises errors up to 90%.

Define change standards

Does everyone have the same perspective on what a significant change is and what is not? Standardise measure criteria directly in the models for your entire team, so no differences occur in your final results.


Mundane tasks are often outsourced, but that can pose challenges. Outsourcing leads to double the work, because the results of the contracting party still have to be checked before the key registrations can be updated. Carry out the change detection yourself with automation and obtain results with just a few mouse clicks. Do you have questions? Contact us today >>

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DELTA is a suite of intelligent models, based on ERDAS IMAGINE from Hexagon. Changes can be tracked in both 2D and 3D environments (based on height models) such as dormer windows, new buildings, infrastructure, but also green spaces. Compare the ‘before’ and ‘after’ situation with 1 push of a button.