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The integration of location data with core processes is becoming increasingly crucial to achieve Digital Transformation goals. From sharing information between departments, remotely managing resources in the field, to connecting and communicating with citizens, location intelligence is needed for fact based decision making.

Smart Digital Reality
From base registrations to a Smart Digital Reality
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Rijkswaterstaat is going up high
Combining visual inspections with satellite imagery Rijkswaterstaat is looking for deformation in their structures
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The solution from IMAGEM ensures that you can keep an eye on instances and speed of subsidence

Local governments & cities

From base registrations to Smart Digital Reality

Every process within a local government is linked with a location. So it is obvious to use location technology in information management. The use of location intelligence technology also helps in the digital transformation of your organization. Geo-information facilities support the digital thinking and actions of employees.

Regional governments

Manage your tasks efficiently

In order to collect, analyze and manage geo-data for the fulfilment of its public mission, regional governments need location-intelligence solutions. Think of specific tasks concerning nature, roads, traffic, spatial planning and water. It is important that this data is kept in order, so that it can also be properly applied within the governemnts own processes, just as those of its chain partners.

federal government

Keep track of your policies

Geo-information is used within the central or federal government to integrate all kinds of data with each other. As a result, better insights are obtained, resulting in effective decision making. Location-intelligence technology supports data driven decision making in areas such as safety, climate, asset management and environmental protection. Monitor the effects of policy by translating the physical living environment into a digital environment.

Water boards

Simplify intelligence

Large areas and huge numbers of assets require a lot of effort for monitoring and management. We connect data from various sources and then analyze, visualize and present it as directly usable information through intelligent geo-platforms. By automating processes, effective insight is gained and data-driven decisions can be made.