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digital twin

plan for the future


With a digital copy or ‘digital twin’ of your environment you can perform smart analyses and try out scenarios before implementing them in the real world. This approach helps you understand your environment for better data driven decision making.

Stay Ahead
It is a significant challenge to maintain a digital twin experience close to reality, since reality is dynamic, and changes are constant. Unlock the potential of real time location-intelligence and create the foundations for next generation 5D geospatial solutions.


Stream and visualise unlimited point clouds and reality meshes


Track change and progress by measuring and comparing with high accuracy


Deploy big digital reality projects in the cloud and on-premise


Combine digital reality data with IoT data to handle real-time use-case


A picture is worth a thousand words

3D City

A 3D view closely resembles the reality that we experience every day, both outside and inside. Machine Learning and Deep Learning concepts can be applied to location technology to detect objects, or to assess changes over time. Our solutions incoporate these concepts to provide accurate maintenance, and also help visualise patterns and trends that would not be detected in individual data sources. See technology >>

Smart Digital Reality

Create a Smart Digital Reality – a smart real-time ‘Digital Twin’, as a tangible result of the geo-ops strategy. Sensors are measuring the world with unprecedented detail and accuracy – not only from space, air, and street-level, but also indoors. We fuse these data sources into a single platform, and add-on real-time IoT sensor feeds to turn Digital Reality into Smart Digital Reality. See technology >>