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Private companies


Location-based insights are valuable for digital transformation. Combining artificial intelligence with new methods of digital data collection helps automate asset management, maintain base registrations and perform field inspections in a more targeted manner within the business community. Data automation, processing, and workflow-driven systems help companies deploy their workforce more efficiently and better predict what measures are needed for future management.

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Better collaboration. More insight. Faster results.
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Lay the foundation for the next generation 5D geospatial systems
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The map of the future is a smart app
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20 to 35% of company revenue can be lost due to the use of poor quality data.

Consultancy & Engineers

Gain insights your customers needs

Get one step closer to Digital Transformation. Clients within the business community demand new, innovative data collection methods, clear and fast dashboards instead of paper reports and a digital link to the real situation outside in all its facets. Hexagon technology makes this possible. We provide powerful technology that enables you to deliver new products and services that enable you to realise your transformation ambitions.

geo ict

Create the right connections

Geographical information is all around us and is increasingly applied in professional applications. Thanks to the extensive portfolio of products for developers, you can integrate this technology into your applications yourself. From AI and Data Science, through 3D visualization and analysis to powerful control dashboards. Our technology enables you to use APIs and SDKs to create the right connections to your own systems, creating a streamlined application for your business end users.