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Defence & Security


Defence and security forces must constantly collect, analyse, and disseminate an ever-increasing volume of data to create a common operating picture (COP).  Gaining insights from rich imagery and intelligence products is essential to make smart decisions. Technology from Hexagon enables seamless integration of static and dynamic data sources help achieve complete situational awareness. 

M.App X
Cloud-deployable image intelligence technology from Hexagon. Includes all requirements of the geospatial analyst and image analyst in a streamlined, easy-to-use environment.
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Deep-dive into our solutions! Choose from a library of video assets to learn how we help defence and security organisations keep the world a safe place. (in Dutch only)
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We enable information-driven operations via desktop, browsers, mobile and in secure cloud environment


Fighting of the same data

Within mission areas it is crucial for all participants to have consistent and accurate information i.e. ‘fighting off the same map”. Fighting or responding based on the same data is important. Dynamic map layers ensure that all levels in the chain of command receive information based on their specific operational responsibilities. Our solutions based on Hexagon technology ensure that a mix of all data layers can be offered, so that defence and security forces have access to the most accurate and up-to-date location-based information. See technology >>


Single information environment

Create views uniquely tailored for actors from command and control to the field, all from the same data. Understand the interaction of operational units and events related to the time and area within which the operation takes place. We combine data from multi-domain intelligence and 5D operating environments into a single image through visualisation, data fusion and analysis. The “what” and “where” are answered through clear interpretations, enabling information-based operations. Watch webcast (in Dutch) >>


Holistic situational awareness

Combine and visualise sensor data from multiple domains and formats. Collect dynamic data for infrastructure and manpower to create overviews and accelerate your decision cycles. Wherein previously phrases such as “Outnumbered, Outranged, and Outgunned” played a role, our solutions instead provide competencies to “Out-think, Out-decide, Out-perform”. Our multi-domain intelligence solutions create the foundation for situational awareness that is critical for use in 5D Operating Environments. Create your own 5D environment >>


Insight in all dimensions

Our 5D environments fuse 3D information with timed-based sensor information and dynamic analyses. The factors of time (4D) and scale (5D), provide an accurate picture of on ground situations, enabling analysis at every level. Players in the field and in the command centre can easily gain insights for setting priorities, and predicting consequences of specific choices. More about digital twin >>


Any time – Any where – Any device

Imagine if your current data were available to you anytime, anywhere, and on any device, regardless of user environment! We ensure that data is continuously synchronised between central and decentralised and mobile system, but also that the data has the same format in compliance with defence standards. Digital transformation on this level creates synchronisation between devises but also enables enactment on accurate information from any location. See technology >>