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Geo tinder with check

“We value your opinion” or “Help us improve our service”. Sounds familiar? You made a purchase over the internet and after receiving the item, you get an e-mail asking you to rate the purchase. Not to mention the many forums where lots of people rate something. Not always eloquently worded, but often very clear.

In short, we have an opinion or have to have an opinion on something about everything. I hate both the former and the latter. I don’t have to think something about everything. And it would improve mutual relations if our fellow citizens were a bit more reserved when it comes to finding something about something.

And then there was Check M. App. A web application to assess changes in our living environment. Where precisely everything revolves around the question “what do you think?”

What do you think?

Change is constantly occurring in our living environment and something needs to be done about it. Intervene or register the change. We used to (and still do) have foresters, inspectors, wardens, enforcers. During their rounds, they noticed changes that needed to be addressed and often followed that up themselves.

Increasingly, modern techniques such as remote sensing (aerial photos & satellite recordings) are being used to perform automatic analyses. And these always come up with quite changes. But unfortunately, one change is not the other. Sometimes a detected change needs to be followed up, others do not. You can get a long way with automatic detections, but there remain changes that require someone with area knowledge to either follow up or ignore the change.


How do you make such a review as easy as possible? That’s where we took inspiration from the popular dating app Tinder. It can be called perfection incarnate when it comes to a quick ‘look-click-ready’ assessment, and thus women or men are quickly dismissed for a possible date. With the aim of keeping only that woman or man left that needs ‘work’.


And with this in mind, we created Check M.App. Automatically assess changes found in outdoor space via a process of ‘geo-tinder’, quickly, leaving you with only changes that need ‘work’.

And how does that work? First, all changes found are divided up and assigned to area experts. Then a change is shown in the context of the environment and the ‘decision data’ in the most informative and clear way possible, so that an assessment can be done with 1 look and 1 click. After which the process repeats itself. So the ultimate elaboration of the ‘look-click-ready’ principle.

And where you want to have a quick on-the-spot look at how things really are, you can look around via a panoramic photo and rapidly use indispensable human interpretation to be left with only change that you really need to do something with. Changes that are automatically made available to the rest of the organisation via a web service, or a or a mobile app and even a file from which a concrete follow-up can be initiated.

In short, Check M.App is ideally suited to quickly and efficiently ‘ginning’ automatically derived changes in outdoor space from whatever source and thus making them immediately deployable.