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In good hands!

In recent years, IMAGEM has seen a lot of movement. We have since grown to a team of 30 people. This means that some changes have also taken place within IMAGEM’s technical department. When I speak to customers, it is not always clear exactly how the technical department is organised, who works where and how the work is divided up. That is why I am happy to introduce the team.

Within the technical department, we have two teams. The team with developers and the team with geospatial specialists. If you work with Luciad or ONEPORT, you have probably had contact with Peter Schoep at some point. Besides being operations director, Peter also leads the development team. The development team consists of four colleagues: Arjen Haayman, Christian Kleinheerenbrink, Kevin Wagenvoort and Walter Jansen.

These developers are true specialists and make the most beautiful things. If you see things with 3D at our annual Make Geospatial Matter (MGM) event or other events, it was these developers who created it. Of course, they don’t only develop 3D stuff. ONEPORT was also developed by them and they also support other processes within IMAGEM.

Geospatial Specialists

In addition to the development team, you will be supported by a team of geospatial specialists. Often when you call IMAGEM, the phone is answered by Kevin Schell. Perhaps differently from other companies, with us you immediately get a geospatial specialist on the phone to help you immediately. It does not matter whether you have questions about licences, software or data processing. Kevin helps you. Kevin does not do this alone, as he is supported by Reinier de Graaf and Dennis Westmaas. If you work with DELTA, you have probably been in contact with this team. They are experts on models within DELTA.

If you already work with solutions like ImagineUAV, M.App Enterprise or Schouw M.App, then you have probably already been in touch with Reinier. He is an expert in photogrammetry and makes great dashboards with M.App Enterprise. This team is led by Dennis Westmaas, who is himself a cooperating foreman. If you work with Apollo, Dennis is no stranger to it. He is an expert on all server applications including Apollo Advantage and Essentials. An important part within these teams is sharing knowledge. Of course, we don’t want any surprises when someone is on holiday or ill. This even happens across departments where we are supported by our business consultants such as Tjip van Dale, Robbert van Bussel and Harald Gortz.

All in all, there is a huge amount of expertise within IMAGEM to support you in all your challenges. Believe me, you are in very good hands!