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Up-to-date and reliable data management with Automated change detection

16 july 2020

Base and core registrations must be reliable and accessible for all relevant processes that support services and business operations. That is why it is important that the data is “in order”. Data management must be up-to-date, reliable and of high quality. This is possible with our data automation and change detection solution.


Change detection is already a key part of keeping base registrations updated at government agencies. By regularly detecting and processing changes in your territory can you check whether your registrations are up to date and reliable.

And did you know that with the push of a button you can gain insight into how current your records are?  

Gain insights without measurement. A zero measurement does not look for changes over time, but looks for deviations between the most recent registration data and the most recent grid data. For example, extensions that are not yet in the registration can be traced, or a demolition that has not yet been processed can be found. For this measurement, a recent height model based on infrared point clouds, a recent vector layer and possibly plot surfaces are required.

Organise your data

It is important to have the quality of your key registers in order, especially for proper information provision for your local laws and policies. We can help you simplify options such as “add construction or shed”, “demolish a building or section” and “cut down or prune a tree”, by clicking a few buttons. 

Oganising data requires continuous coordination between those who make policy choices and those who are involved in information provision. It is therefore very important to have the correct insight into the current situation of your registrations. With this insight, better expectations management can be realized and the implementation strategy can be optimised. Do you know how current your own registrations are? Let us help you. Get in touch for an appointment about change detection >>

Niels van de Graaf

Niels van de Graaf

Marktmanager - Overheid