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Make Geospatial Matter

Estate De Horst


Welcome to the next edition of Make Geospatial Matter! Our annual event where geo, location intelligence, and smart decision-making are placed in the spotlight. This year we have a great selection of resources planned in which the theory and practice of geo is discussed from different sectors and perspectives. 

This year we have completely revamped the event. Make Geospatial Matter can be followed in full plenary at a new location, De Horst Estate in Driebergen, The Netherlands. You are welcomed to participate throughout the day in the Maitland Theater to follow the entire program and of course the many networking opportunities and demos. Register in advance and put this event in your calendar!

Take a look at the agenda

This year Make Geospatial Matter is comprised with a plenary program, breakout sessions and interactive workshops. Have a look over on our Dutch website for an updated agenda. 

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What is Make Geospatial Matter?

Make Geospatial Matter is yearly conference organized by IMAGEM, in which we invite our clients to see our latest and greatest in the field of geo technology. We showcase our technology, share our extensive knowledge, and inspire those who attend the event. 

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Block your calendar

The next edition of Make Geospatial Matter is planned, and registration will be made available. More information and details will follow soon!

Do you have any questions?

Would you like to know more about the event? Let us know! And we’d gladly help you. Send your questions to our marketing team