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IMAGEM and Defence extend and intensify cooperation

Apeldoorn, 7 January 2022 – IMAGEM and the Ministry of Defence have extended their cooperation with three years. For years, IMAGEM has been one of the main suppliers of geospatial technology to the Dutch Defence organisation and will continue to be so in the coming years. The current cooperation will not only be extended, but also substantially expanded. This confirms the good relationship that both organisations have built up with each other over the past decade.

IMAGEM supplies advanced applications in the field of GIS, remote sensing, data management and business intelligence to Defence. At the end of 2021, the current agreement expired and both parties sat down to make new arrangements. The successful cooperation in recent years and mutual trust in the future have led to not only an extension but also an extension of the agreement.

This new agreement enables Defence to use the latest technology in the field of geospatial Artificial Intelligence (AI), to set up information-driven dashboards and powerful digital twins and real-time command & control systems. A broad team of our specialists is ready to support the Ministry of Defence and implement these innovative solutions together.

Trust is the basis of good cooperation
Patrick de Groot, sales director at IMAGEM: “We are very proud that we can further expand and strengthen our cooperation with the Ministry of Defence in the coming three years. The developments in recent years, but also the ambition of the Defence organisation and the mutual trust in a good cooperation, have ensured that this cooperation will only intensify in the coming years.”

Big ambitions
Defence has great ambitions in the field of information-driven operations. In addition, information is becoming an increasingly important weapon. By quickly processing large quantities of raw data and performing advanced analyses on this data, Defence can shorten the time between observation and action. The technology that makes this possible is indispensable and is provided by IMAGEM.


We are IMAGEM. We are translators and location intelligence is our domain. We translate geospatial data and information in knowledge and insight. With this we will help governments, citizens and stakeholders alike to make the right choices and decisions to have a better grip on the future.

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