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Broaden your knowledge of geo and location with new webinars

Apeldoorn, 2 March 2022 – As every year, we start in the spring with a series of informative and technical (online) events called Grip op Geo. At the end of February we once again started our Grip op Geo Online series which can be followed through to May.

Every month we will organise a webinar in which we will showcase many interesting topics and technologies. We hope to organise another live Grip op Geo soon, but until then you can already register for our webinars.

On Thursday 24 March, colleague Harald Gortz will share how to make use of the consequences of climate change. Because nuisances such as floods, heat and drought offer opportunities. Opportunities? Yes they do! The climate adaptive capacity of an urbanised environment is greater than we think and offers many more opportunities than we can immediately see. With remote sensing and smart models we can discover and use this hidden capacity in a digital twin. 

During this ‘Grip op Geo’ webinar, Harald will take you into the world of remote sensing, urbanisation and climate adaptation in 45 minutes. After the webinar, you too will have insight into the hidden.


We are IMAGEM. We are translators and location intelligence is our domain. We translate geospatial data and information in knowledge and insight. With this we will help governments, citizens and stakeholders alike to make the right choices and decisions to have a better grip on the future.

For further information, please contact the marketing department at IMAGEM +31 (0) 55 2002 055,