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HR Manager

Janine believes in connection, attention and energy. For others and herself. She believes in being part of a whole, mirroring each other, giving insights and growing. For further growth, she will maintain and improve recruitment, training, development and other HR matters. Moreover, with her dedication, we can emphasise our ‘Team First’ idea even more. She finds it important to work in a stimulating environment. An environment where you can do what you are good at. An environment that gives you pleasure and energy. An environment where you can challenge yourself and your colleagues to think differently and exceed yourself. Connection is her copmmon thread. Outside her work Janine gets energy from doing things together and the interaction with it. Drinking a cortado (or a glass of wine), sitting on a terrace, shopping, eating well and linger at the table with good conversations. And she gets her rest while cooking, walking, reading or just doing nothing.