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M.App Enterprise 2021 update 5

17 march 2022

This document describes the enhancements for M.App Enterprise. The information in this document is current as of the product release. For the most current version, visit the Hexagon Geospatial Support Portal.

This release includes fixes and enhancements to M.App Enterprise. For information on product fixes, please review the Issues Resolved section. For information on enhancements, read the New Technology section.

This document is only an overview and does not provide all details about M.App Enterprise’s capabilities. For additional information about M.App Enterprise, please read our online help and other product documentation.

Important Note
This release of M.App Enterprise is a kind of “hybrid.” Despite the introduction of new features (Style Editor, M.App Editor, Feature Analyzer), pre-M.App Enterprise 2021 configurations and components are still there and working.

Some components and frameworks will be deprecated and gone with M.App Enterprise 2022:

  • Old Style Editor
  • Old M.App Editor
  • Browser Apps based on Leaflet
  • Feature Analyzer based on Leaflet
  • BI Map Wizard